Hong Thai Lemongrass Citronella Balm 50g

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What is it : The special Lemongrass/citronella balm for mild muscle pain, tension and little repel the mosquito.

Ingredient callouts : lemongrass and citronella essential oil

Other Ingredient : menthol, camphor, cajuput oil, parafin.

Solution for :

  • Muscles pain, Tendon( Inflammation, Tensed, Twisted, sprain ).
  • Little bit repel the mosquito and relieve little itchy feeling from mosquito bite.

Customer favorite for : it's unique smell of lemongrass mixed with citronella. Gift from Thailand for friend and family

Understand the herb, know its effect : lemongrass essential oil known it properties as anti-inflammatory and natural pain killer for muscle and joint pain.

and its unique scent are benefit for stress, anxiety , headache and migraine.

What else you might want to know: Our lemongrass balm are mixing between Citronella, lemongrass and other ingredient. Once you apply topically on your skin, little hot sensation will be occur with both lemongrass and citronella scented. Due to little hot sensation, this balm doesn't design for migraine and headache. If you have the migraine and headache please using the black oil. it would be better.

Suggest usage : Rub on the affected area. little hot sensation will occur a while after rub it on.

Available size : 8g, 15g, 25g, 50g

Thai FDA registration number : G106/56