Hong Thai Concentrated Green Herbal Cream 30ml [pump bottle]

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Hong Thai Concentrated Green Herb Cream 30ml [pump bottle]

What is it : The best healing and most effectiveness collection concentrated herb cream for healing chronic symptom. Highly recommended and high rate of repurchase by most of customer. Green herb is medium hot sensation with the same effective as other herb in the collection.

Widely use and effectiveness for.

  • Gout , Rheumatoid
  • Muscles pain, Tendon( Inflammation, Tensed, Twisted, sprain )
  • pain caused by broken, cracked or twisted bones, Inflamed knee, bones and joints, sprain ankle,
  • Chronic back pain, pain from spine disc herniation, Nerve pain, numbed muscles, numb at the fingertips, initial symptoms of partial paralysis, improve better blood circulation. 
  • Chronic office syndrome such as carpel tunnel syndrome, neck and should stiffness and pain, lock finger
  • chronic sport injury.

Customer favorite for : it is effectiveness. Mostly of customer have been try so many stuff for their problem but it doesn't help or healing. Or some use a lot medicine can't stand for any more pain killer so once they have been try this product tester at our store, they always order more to ship to their home. so I might conclude as all the cases brought this product because of it's effective, safe and save.

Suggested usage : Rub on the affected area. The sensation will occur after 15 minutes. And reapply 2-3 times per day until get better then stop using and keep it for next time.

Package : pump bottle 30 ml

Available in 5 difference sensation

black 9 herb [very hot] , Red herb [hot] , Green herb [medium hot], hot-cool, yellow herb [cool]

Thai FDA registration number :

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