Hong Thai Green Herbal Balm 15g [Barleria Lupulina]

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Hong Thai Green Herb Balm 15g [Barleria Lupulina]

What is it : The special green herbal balm for mild muscle pain, tension and itchy from mosquito. The Green color is from the main herb named " Sa-Led-Pang-Pond" known in scientific name as Barleria lupulina. It is cool herb with detoxify and relieve irritating skin from insect bite.Together with other ingredient in this balm.

Ingredient callouts : Green herb [Berleria lupulina]

Other ingredient : menthol, camphor, cajuput oil and herb extracted essential oil.

Solution for:

  • Muscles pain, Tendon (Inflammation, Tense, Twist, sprain).
  • itchy feeling from mosquito bite. (mild symptom, small lesion & not for allergic or inflamed bite)

Customer favorite for : good gift for friend and family when travel back from Thailand.

Suggested usage : Rub on the affected area. cooling sensation will occur a while after rub it on.

Available size : balm 8g, 15g, 25g, 50g.

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